As a motorbike enthusiast, I wanted to create a site that i could use to show people where I had been when I was out on my bike. This idea has been rattling around my head since I passed my test, which was just over a year ago. I live in Scotland, so the winter months are not the best for long runs, but in the summer I try to get out as much as I can. I created this site, as a blog just now, as a way to show and tell bikers about good runs, places to go and good places to get a wee bit of food before the journey back. So things that pop up in this site will include new and old bikes, bike gear, runs to go and biker friendly cafés. This site is not dedicated to a particular kind of biker, it’s for anyone on two wheels. It’s called “a wee run”.


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  1. The Yamaha and Reed partnership created the V-Max.
    I didnt do any work at all on the v-max., I did some stuff on the Virago which was designed by Ed Burke, I prototyped it for him ,this was the only only production stuff I did for Yamaha
    john reed

    1. Hi John, sorry to have put the wrong information on my post, thats what i get for taking some information from Wikipedia. I have edited my post about the vmax. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope you enjoed some of my other posts, and feel free to leave feedback about anything else.

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