light drizzle

You know the story, not a cloud in the sky, you get on your bike and 20 minutes into your journey, the sky clouds over and your in the middle of a mini monsoon. Here are some one-piece suits to keep you dry in those downpours.

(from left to right)

Hein Gericke Competition Rainsuit. Around £60

Oxford Rainseal Oversuit. Around £40

Held Monsun Over Suit. Around £100

What’s on the BOX

recording cubes

Action cameras are becoming popular for bikers, and you don’t have to be jumping over 10 double deckers to justify buying one. Even if your just going on a bike ride round the streets, just to stick it on you-tube for other people to watch when it’s too wet for them to go out. People like Royal Jordanian have made this enjoyable to watch, with a clip show of interesting bits round London. I have covered some cameras before, and two new ones have come out that are worth a look at. The GoPro Hero4 Session and the Polaroid CUBE.

The GoPro comes in around £160 and can record up to 1440p but you can also use 1080p and 720p for up to 2hours. It has 2 internal mic’s for better sound quality, it can take up to 64gb micro sd card, has one button record feature and works with all GoPro mounts. Full specs here..

The Polaroid CUBE+ is the cheaper option coming in at £130 but also has a cheaper option with no wifi at £90. It records in the same video formats but the battery only lasts for 90 minutes. It takes micro SD card up to 32gb and has a built in magnet at the bottom that works with the range of accessories made for the CUBE. Full specs here.

New Sticker for the 2016 Season

As the new biking season is upon us (Late March to early October in Scotland), I thought I’d refresh the “aweerun” sticker for my bike, went for a classy script font this time. Also this is my 100th post. 


Short Boots for short bucks…

short boots

Looking for a new pair of boots for your summer journeys? Here are a selection of short boots for many different types of terrain. From top left – clockwise…

For the race track – ALPINESTARS FASTBACK WATERPROOF BOOTS around £120

For touring – TCX X-MILES BOOTS around £120

For the cruising – TCX X-STREET WATERPROOF TRAINERS around £100

For the off road – REV’IT SCOUT H2O BOOTS around £120



AGV have brought out a new K series helmet to take over from the ever popular K-4, not so much focused on sport (even though it looks like a sports lid) but more on comfort, the K-5 is a fibreglass and carbon fibre shell which keeps it light and the inner lining is removable and washable, has all the extras that most helmets have, drop down sun visor, vents and bluetooth upgrade kit. Even with all the comfort, he K-5 certainly has a sport look to it, and with a price tag starting at £160, it has appeal when compared to other helmets in that price range. Available in a good range of colours and designs.

“The North Way Round” run

At  the end of August, I will be exploring the north of Scotland for four days. Based in Dornoch, the Highlands will be on my door step, so I’ll have a few routes planned out. Hoping to visit places like, Wick, John O’groats, Thurso, Durness and many more. So, to help me on my run up north, I made this sticker, in the hope it keeps the weather good.


Don’t get lost

Sat-nav’s are becoming a popular choice for bikers, they are the perfect companion for touring, or if your out and about and in a strange part of the country and your dinner is waiting for you. Just put in “home” and your guided back.

What makes motorcycle sat-navs different from ordinary car ones, i was very doubtful that they were just ordinary car sat-navs with a waterproof coating, but they have lots more features. Two of the higher-end market ones from tom-tom and Garmin. These sat-navs have lifetime maps, traffic and speed cameras, they both come with bluetooth and headset so you can hear instructions to save you looking at the screen. They both have onboard memory plus sd-card and support mp3, to put your favourite tunes into your ears. On the map side they have features that let you pick nearby routes that let you discover new places and round trips that give you alternative ways back. Easy to use with gloves on and see in the glaring sunshine (but waterproof, as you know what the weather can be like) It seems like the perfect motorcycle companion.

But why pay so much for sat-nav? the cheap car ones work just as well when put in a waterproof holder, you seem to be paying for features you don’t really need, and you can select the same routes on the entry level ones. What most will find, getting lost is only part of the adventure, and just buy a map.

(left) Tomtom Rider 400 £400
6hrs battery life with an 11cm screen

(right) Garmin ZumoLM £550
4hrs battery life with a 12.6cm screen

Road map £5
will last till you lose it

Road Denim

In the hotter months, it’s nice to put on a pair of jeans when you decide to head out for a wee run, after all, you might be heading to some social event where you don’t want to be walking around in a pair of motorcycle trousers. The last thing you should do is jump on your bike in your £9 Primark specials, there is no protection regardless how thick you think the denim is. Kevlar lined jeans are what you should be looking for, they range from £60 to £660, and some come with knee and hip protection, the offer the best protection should the unthinkable happen. Here are a range of the cheap variety.


From left to right
RST Vintage Jeans (Kevlar and Knee Armour) £90
Weise Psycho Jeans (Leather and textile mix with knee and hip armour) £100
Draggin Camo Jeans (Kevlar lined) £145
Lindstrands Warp (Kevlar lined with knee and hip armour) £109

Richa Cold Protect GTX

richa gloves

These gloves are from a company called Richa (here), they are all weather gore-tex gloves, made from a combination of goat leather and nyspan stretch fabric. They were winners in a group test for Sub £100 all weather gloves (here), and what a review they got. I’m always on the lookout for all weather gloves, and kind of liked the look of the Dainese Guanto Scout GTX (also in the group test), but didn’t get as good a score. Coming in at £99, it’s a must buy for the cold, wet months of motorbiking.