Killearn Hospital

Killearn Hospital was commissioned during WW2 by the government to help with war casualties. After the war it was downsized to a trauma centre before being shut in 1972. This is how it looks today. #killearn #hospital #abandoned #ruins #glasgow #war #trauma #site #empty #spooky #hidden #noaccess #wards #operation #development 

Roneil House

Shut down after a teen’s sudden death, Roneil House, (A children’s home) was boarded up and fenced off in early 2020. I had seen this house from the roadside and was always intrigued by it, one day in passing I noticed it was all boarded up, so i grabbed my camera and walked up to... Continue Reading →

Leethland House

In the thick wooded backend of Paisley, the ruins of Leethland House and the chauffeur’s house are located along the single tracked Leitchland Road. The once mansion has fell victim to several fires and vandalism and is now a shell of a building. The chauffeur’s house can be spotted from the roadside, but you have... Continue Reading →

Travellers Village

Early on a Sunday morning I took a wonder up Hurlet Road, I seen something interesting on google maps, so I thought i'd go and check it out. Armed with my trusty camera and my spirit of adventure I took myself up some dirt tracks and through a hedge and found what I was looking... Continue Reading →

Caldwell house

Heading away from paisley, at the far end of Glenifer Road and short walk down a path filled with potholes lies Caldwell House. The now ruins of a once three storey mansion built for the former MP William Mure of Caldwell in the 18th century. It changed from a family home and was renovated into... Continue Reading →


Lockdown had unpredictable events take place, I started to visit places around my hometown of Paisley, places that I have walked by, roads that I had never been and places that had been forgotten in time. I took photos of the places that I visited and decided to call it “a wee jaunt”

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