Gore-tex Gloves

Above, are a selection of Gore-tex Gloves Alpinestars WR-2 for £79.99 @ J&S Held 2570 Freezer for £89.99 @ GetGeared Dainese New Jerico for £139.99 @ Infinity Motorcycle Rukka Argosaurus for £199.99 @Sports Bike Shop This is the logo motorcyclists look for when buying clothing for those unpredictable journeys, but what is it? W. L. Gore & Associates... Continue Reading →

Retro Leather Jackets

You don't feel like a true biker till you put a leather jacket on, some of them can be costly, and are not so good in the driving rain, sleet & snow, but on occasion you get a good weather spell and then these jackets just make sense, and look good too. Here are some... Continue Reading →

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