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Action cameras are becoming popular for bikers, and you don’t have to be jumping over 10 double deckers to justify buying one. Even if your just going on a bike ride round the streets, just to stick it on you-tube for other people to watch when it’s too wet for them to go out. People like Royal Jordanian have made this enjoyable to watch, with a clip show of interesting bits round London. I have covered some cameras before, and two new ones have come out that are worth a look at. The GoPro Hero4 Session and the Polaroid CUBE.

The GoPro comes in around £160 and can record up to 1440p but you can also use 1080p and 720p for up to 2hours. It has 2 internal mic’s for better sound quality, it can take up to 64gb micro sd card, has one button record feature and works with all GoPro mounts. Full specs here..

The Polaroid CUBE+ is the cheaper option coming in at £130 but also has a cheaper option with no wifi at £90. It records in the same video formats but the battery only lasts for 90 minutes. It takes micro SD card up to 32gb and has a built in magnet at the bottom that works with the range of accessories made for the CUBE. Full specs here.


Action Cameras

action cameras

Action cameras are not like regular video cameras, they are made to be attached to you, or whatever you use to go fast. They are becoming more popular on motorbikes. If you want to record your journey to re-live on the big screen, or if you want evidence to use at a later date in a court of law, it seems to be better to have one than to not have one. The cameras have come a long way since “just recording”. New cameras include Bluetooth, so you can playback or live view on your phone. Wide angle lenses, to capture everything around you, and GPS to document where you have been. Also a host of shooting modes, so you can edit you frames per second (FPS) that lets you see super fast action in slow motion.

Contour + 2 £360
Key Features: Shoots up to 1080p, has a 170 wide angle lens, built in bluetooth & GPS, records in .aac /MP4 (H.264 codec), has a battery life between 2 to 2.5 hrs continuous recording. Takes up to 32gb micro SD card, includes waterproof housing.
Available attachments.

GoPro Hero 3 Black edition £360
Features: Shoots up to 1080p (up to 4K at 15fps), has an ultra wide angle lens, built in WiFi, Remote control, records in .aac / MP4 (H.264 codec), has a battery life of 3-4 hrs continuous recording, takes up to 64gb micro SD card, Includes a waterproof housing. Available attachments.

Drift HD Ghost £300
Features: Shoots up to1080p, has a 2”built in screen, up to 170 wide angle lens, WiFi enabled, comes with a Remote control,  records in .MOV / MP4 (H.264 codec), has a battery life of 3 hrs continuous shooting, takes up to 32gb micro SD card.
Available attachments.