Matrix 998


Back in 2001, Ducati released 998, the successor to the 996, it kept the crazy styling that Ducati are famous for, and it’s not just the looks that are stunning, the performance is too, one them the World super bike championship with rider Troy Bayliss. The real fame was when the bike made an appearance in the amazing motorway scene, in the Wachowski Brothers “Matrix Reloaded” the bike was released in limited edition Green after it shot to fame in the movie.


Kawasaki Vulcan S

Vulcan S

Just off the back of harley’s release of the Street 750, Kawasaki showcase the Vulcan S, This mean looking cruiser is powered by the same 649cc parallel-twin engine that is found in the Er6 range and the Versys 650. Also sporting a six speed gear box 14ltr tank and has a top speed of 115mph. The Styling of this bike is just as nice as most of the Kawasaki range, pictured in green, the Uk website here has it in black, white and … purple?…, the only drawback for this bike is that you can get the Harley Davidson Street 750 for a few hundred quid less than the asking price of £5,949,  but, maybe your just not that into harley.