A wee Arran run

A long time being talked about, finally got the ferry booked to go to Arran. It didn't disappoint, it turned our to be a nice sunny day, and because it was during the week, it was pretty quiet too. Once off the ferry we headed south to Lamlash, a small village that has beautiful views... Continue Reading →

The nights are fair drawing in

It's coming into winter time, long gone are the long sunny days and dry roads, now comes the cold dark nights and hazardous mother nature, here are some things to look out for. Ice on shaded roads It might feel like the sun has heated the day up to an acceptable level, but the nights... Continue Reading →


There are may reasons why some people choose to get a CBT and ride around with a 125 bike. The cost is one, when I passed my test with Bike-it in Paisley, I payed £120 for a CBT, £700 for unlimited lessons to my first test and when I was ready for my test I had to... Continue Reading →

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