Colour Lids

colour lids 2

Here are some lids with a bit of colour.

(from left to right)
AGV K-3 £100
Schuberth C3 pro £530
Shark Vision R 2 £210
Shoei NXR £480
Arai RX7GP £360


Black and White Lids

B&W Helmets 2

Just some black and white helmets for those that can’t decide on a colour.

(From left to right)
AGV Compact Course £190
Nolan N86 Rapid £170
Shark Evoline 3 Hakka £270
Caberg Duke Legend £180
Shoei NXR Dunlop Replica £480

Carbon lids

Getting ever more popular, carbon lids are not only stronger and lighter, but are more affordable. Here are a small selection, with price and the all important weight.


(from top, clockwise)

AGV Pista GP around £800 weighing in at 1275g

Nexx XR1R Carbon around £300 weighing in at 1250g

HJC FS-10 Carbon around £250 weighing in at 1400g

Shark Speed-R MXV Carbon around £280 weighing in at 1370g

Shark Vantime

Shark helmets have a very interesting range for 2014, especially the Metro division range. This range includes the Shark Raw helmet that I posted back in February.

The Shark Vantime is a full face helmet that has a very unique styling, it has a long visor that it shares with the Shark Nano, a smooth surface, (except the matt version) and a pop down sun visor. What makes it different from other lids on the market is the slightly extended chin guard that the visor goes behind. I noticed this lid at the motorcycle show and was instantly intrigued with it. The helmet looks like what helmets of the future will look like. It’s available in black, grey, white or matt black, but knowing “shark” That colour range will increase.

shark vantime


Shark Raw

shark raw

Shark, famous for the evo-line range, like to push the boundaries when it comes to helmet design, you won’t see designs as original as the new “Raw” range. These range of helmets will be available from March 2013 for around £200. They are based on a open face helmet, with goggles and a face mask. The mask clips on to the goggles, so you can lift them up as one piece, or you can wear it as an open face helmet. They come in a wide range of colours and designs, and will work with sharktooth (Sharks bluetooth system). Shark are calling these an urban biking helmet, so I don’t know if that means they are not so good for long runs.

Head protection for around the £300 mark

£300 helmets

After you have purchased the bike of your dreams, the second most important purchase is going to be some head protection. This is an item you want to fit properly and feel comfortable but it also helps if it looks good. Here are some midrange Lids around the £300 Mark.

Shark EvoLine Series 3 around £320 
This is the 3rd generation of the Evoline, and it is a flip helmet. The front goes all the way over your head and makes it look like a open face.

Arai Axces 2 around £300 
A full face helmet from Arai, this helmet is a good price from a top manufacturer.

Shoei Mutitec around £270
This helmet is a flip up, it also has a sporty design which makes it look like a full face.

AGV Horizon around £270 
A nice lid from the Italian manufacturer AGV This model is the “Absolute Italia” Just a normal full face.

Roof Boxer V8 around £300
Crazy looking helmet from French helmet makers “Roof”. This is a flip helmet that looks just as crazy with the front up or down.