RnineT Racer


For a few years the car industry has been going back in time, bring out classic cars with a up-to-date twist. The same can be said for the motorbike industry. So no surprise that BMW have jumped onto the bandwagon. The RnineT has been out for a few years, but recently updated with this beautiful 70’s style look. The RnineT Racer, is straight out the years of classic sports bike, but with all the new tech that BMW put on their bikes these days, and probably some of the comfort too. 1170cc boxer engine, shaft drive and motorred ABS are just some of the standard kit this 2016-70’s icon comes with. Here


sports flip-ups
These two, brightly coloured lids are designed for sport riding but have the functionality of touring helmets. They have been tested in wind tunnels to maximise their aerodynamic design, but have flip-up faces like most touring helmets. So now you can shave a few seconds off your pit-stop.
A sports helmet that is also a flip-up. It promises lo noise at high speed and can be fitted with Schuberths SRC-system. Also uses materials such as Coolmax, Interpower and Thermocool, thats comfort for your face. It’s 1,570grams light.
Agv’s new top range lid is the same kind as the Schuberth C3 Pro, a sports helmet that is a flip-up. The innards are made of Breathable Lycra and Dry-comfort fabric with sanitising treatment.