Coffee to Ice Cream


Thought I’d abandon the obligatory bag of chips for this run. Apart from the fact it was warm, it was only 10 in the morning, so I went all continental and got myself a coffee. Drinking my coffee and sitting on a bench in Largs, watching the ferry leave and take people across to Great Cumbrae. I got on my bike and headed south along the coast. Although, most of the road is not coastal, some of it is, and it was such a nice Sunday, that it didn’t matter. The road takes you through the wee towns of Fairlie, West Kilbride, Saltcoats and Irvine before ending in Troon. This run can be done in 45 mins. This was where I stopped for some ice cream and admired the Mediterranean looking beach. It was a sight to behold, everyone had their summer clothes and i was sitting in my thick biker denims and a motorbike jacket…. Here is the map


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 08.57.59

Fish and Trips

Super day for a run down the coast, a bit cloudy and not too warm. Left Paisley to head to Ayrshire, traveling through Beith, Dalry, Kilwinning and Irvine. Ended up at Troon harbour to try out a wee chippy I heard about called “The wee Hurrie” (not affiliated with “a wee run”) for some nice fish and chips. An award winning chippy located at the end of Troon Harbour, it falls into the category of hidden gem, as it’s really well hidden at the end of the pier.




With all kinds of fish to choose from, and a lovely view to sit and munch through it. Got a large bit of haddock and chips, served with a portion of tartar sauce, and it was worth the journey. After the fish and chip lunch, headed north, up the coast through Ardrossan and onto Largs before cutting up to Kilburnie and back to Paisley. Here is the website for “the wee hurrie” and the “map” for the run.