The nights are fair drawing in


It’s coming into winter time, long gone are the long sunny days and dry roads, now comes the cold dark nights and hazardous mother nature, here are some things to look out for.

Ice on shaded roads
It might feel like the sun has heated the day up to an acceptable level, but the nights are a lot colder and brings frost. With the short days and low sun, some parts of the road don’t see light at all, so the frosty parts stay there.

Leaves on corners
All the lovely colours on the trees, eventually they fall off and cover the roads, and they are slippy too.

Thicker gloves
Yeah, it’s still warm enough, just take the bike out, but it’s cold enough to freeze you fingers off at 70 mph, get the winter gloves looked out again, your fingers will thank you.

Low sun glare
Shorter days come with low sun, this makes it hard to see but also makes it harder to be seen.

Racking up some miles

I started off the weekend with a trip to Largs. I followed the M8 to Greenock and took the Old Largs Road that takes you out just north of the centre of the seaside town. The Old Largs Road is a single track road that has lovely scenery, winding roads and not a lot of traffic. The problems with this road is there is not a lot of space, so it can be difficult if a car is coming in the opposite direction, or if you want to overtake. There is a lot of loose stones on the middle of the road and on corners, which can make it quite tricky, and the sheep are allowed to roam free, so they just appear on the middle of the road and watch you go round them. Apart from that, the road is a lot of fun. On the road home I made a wee de-tour to the car park in the sky for some stunning views over the Clyde Valley on such a nice, sunny day. Heres the map
A longer run for Sunday. Went up along side Loch Lomond and onto Crianlarich. Then took the road to Glencoe, with stunning views and good roads. Stopped at the Creagan Inn after Glencoe for a cuppa, and to top up my tan, by now, a brighter shade of red. The road into Oban reminded me of the road into Monte-Carlo, with the blue sky and elevated winding road that overlooks the town, and the sun hit ocean in the background with boats dotted around the shoreline, or maybe I had took in a bit to much sun at my last stop, but it was a nice site. After Oban I took the A816 all the way down to Lochgilphead, then onto Inveraray. The road home was the first bit of traffic for the day, but I couldn’t complain. As expected, lots of bikes filled the roads, if only every weekend could be like this. Here’s the map of Sundays adventure.