1st year on the road

yamaha diversion

I have now been a category A license holder for a year now. I passed my test in the cold and wet December of 2011. In this year, I have been many runs, from runs that took me to the highlands to small runs round the corner. Even though I have been driving a car for many years, every run has been a learning experience.

As soon as I passed my test, I went home and started to look at my biking options, I had looked at these since I started lessons, but I was looking without the “if & when” factor involved this time. I was looking for a sensible option. I did not want a super sports bike or custom style as a first bike, just something that was good, reliable, comfortable and cheap. I found a Yamaha Diversion XJ600 (98). For it’s age, It was in good condition and low mileage, so I decided to go with this one, it was the first bike I went to see.

The bike has turned out to be a great purchase. It’s a good bike to build up my confidence on the road, it seems to be a good all-rounder, with a good up-straight seating position. It has all the power I need just now. The only problem I had was on a cold morning, the battery was flat. I got a trickle charger for this and now the bike starts every time. I would recommend every biker gets one of these chargers.

I think my first year of motorbiking has been a success, and I look forward to next seasons adventures.


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