The “Hooligan” Bikes


Back in the late nineties – early naughties, popularity of the “hooligan” bikes were at an all time high. The biggest selling bikes with new bikers were the 600cc range of naked bikes. Honda Hornet, Suzuki Bandit, and the Ducati Monster. These bike were easy to modify, easy to ride and had fast acceleration, ideal to tear up the urban streets. When they were dropped, slid or put in a hedge, they were easy to dust off and go again (they did not have much in the way of plastic parts) . Not to say everyone who had one of these bikes used it to destruction. To compare it to the corsa, clio and saxo would be unfair, but it’s the same idea. But the reason these bike were so popular at that time is because they were good, cheap to buy, cheap to repair and very reliable. You can still pick one up at a good price, but make sure it hasn’t spent a lot of time in hedges and ditches.


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