In the 80’s, yamaha set out to build the ultimate cruiser. The V-Max hit the showrooms in 1985 and still sells today. It quickly earned the title of bike of the year, and got a bit of a cult following due to its dramatic design. In 1993 the bike had a refresh to comply with safety regulations, and in 2008 Yamaha redesigned the bike. The new Vmax kept the same dramatic styling and even earned its place in Hollywood as the Ghostrider bike, taking over from Harley in the first movie. The original V-Max used a powerful 1,197cc V4 engine producing 113.5hp. The new Vmax has 1,679cc V4 engine producing 174,3hp. And some how, they managed to get it to look a whole lot meaner.

Vmax Starting at £21,499


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