Another evening run took me back to the coast. I went a different route but got to the same location. Just like my run to Ardrossan, I went down the A737 to Dalry, only this time I went on the B780 that takes you by Munnoch Reservoir and joins up at the main road just north of Ardossan. The road was quite busy, well, the last time I was on it was a Sunday at 7am, I’m sure most places would seem busy after that. After a quick stop off at a beach front car park, it was back on the bike to go up the coast road. On the road home I stopped at the car park at Haylie Reservoir, walked up to the view point and took this picture, some view.

The isle of Cumbrae
The isle of Cumbrae, as seen from Haylie Reservoir view point.

The rest of the road home took me through, Kilburnie and Lochwinnoch and I joined the A737 again. It was a nice wee night, but got a bit nippy out of the sun. Here is the map.


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