The Future of Safety

As a motorbike rider you are open to the elements, clothing has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Technology and new materials make surviving an accident greater than it was all those years ago. But can wearing all this safety gear ruin the experience of freedom on the road? Motorbike boots, trousers, jacket glovers and helmet are the most basic of kit, would you want to have more things to put on? Your neck is the most vulnerable part of your body in an accident, but most people on the road don’t wear a neck protector.

So is the new developments in air-bag technology on some bike and in jackets really safer if the time comes that you need it? If the airbag is another added item to put on for that small journey most people will chose to “just leave it at home today” but if tech like this is integrated into your next jacket, would you buy it?, and possibly pay that “big bit” extra.

Honda Goldwing have an airbag built into there bike and companies that manufacture clothing are starting to sell the tech in their clothing, but it’s still too expensive, for now.


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