The North Way Round Part Four

TNWR Day 4

The end of a (not so) wee run. Woke up to the sound of silence, typical, this was the last day. I’d had fun in the highlands, and seen places I’d wanted to see. Today wasn’t just heading home though, we had tickets to go on the “funicular railway” at the Cairngorm Mountains. So, it was load up the bikes and head South, through Inverness and into the Cairngorms, which has some spectacular roads… but we would miss them… as we where heading down the A9 to Aviemore. By the time we got to the funicular railway, the clouds had come to meet us, and we couldn’t see the beautiful sights on the way up to the top. In the restaurant at the top the view was minimal, well, it looked like they had frosted glass instead of windows, but an overpriced coffee and a look round the gift shop later, it was enough to want to get back on the bikes.

The journey was now at it’s end, the weather started to break, by the time we hit Perth, it was sunny and warm, and by the time we hit Glasgow, it was sunny, warm and rush hour. Time to practice some filtering… Now the most difficult part of the journey was here, planning where to go next year.   Here’s the map.


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