Colour Lids

colour lids 2

Here are some lids with a bit of colour.

(from left to right)
AGV K-3 £100
Schuberth C3 pro £530
Shark Vision R 2 £210
Shoei NXR £480
Arai RX7GP £360


Black and White Lids

B&W Helmets 2

Just some black and white helmets for those that can’t decide on a colour.

(From left to right)
AGV Compact Course £190
Nolan N86 Rapid £170
Shark Evoline 3 Hakka £270
Caberg Duke Legend £180
Shoei NXR Dunlop Replica £480

Italian Adventure

aprilia ducati
Aprilia and Ducati, better known for there over-the-top super sports bikes, make a wide verity of different styles of bikes these days. Adventure bikes are a big business, Aprilia and Ducati excel in these markets.

Aprilia make the Caponord 1200, an adventure style bike with 1197cc v-twin engine producing 125hp. Comes with a 24ltr fuel tank, ABS, cruse control and 2 x 29ltr hard case side bags, all for £12,932.

Ducati make a similar, yet slightly more expensive model, The Multistrada 1200S Touring d/air comes with a 1198 cc testastretta engine, producing a more powerful 150hp, comes with a 20ltr fuel tank, ABS, different riding modes and 2 x 29ltr hard side bags, coming in at £15,795.

Breaking America

Break Amer

Yamaha have produced many custom bikes throughout the years some good some not so good, but the new XV950 and XV950R seem to have a style that would not look out of place in the harley range, and thats the loyal bikers they are trying to steal from the American manufacturer. Yamaha have put a 942cc v-twin into custom styled bike, similar to how the Americans do it, the bikes have a peanut tank belt drive and tonnes of style. Will this bike take harley owners away from their beloved brand? At £7,200 it is similarly prices to the Sportster Superlow.

Diesel, on a motorbike?

diesel helmets

Diesel, yes, the clothing company, are getting into motorcycle gear, the have a choice of 3 styles of helmet. The Mowie, an open face 3/4 size helmet, The Hi-jack, open faced, designed to look like a helicopter pilots helmet and the Full-jack, which is a full face helmet. These helmets have been given the full Diesel going over so they are very stylish and come in a range of colours. Not putting style over substance, these lids are made by AGV.

Modern Vintage

The old style bikes from the 60’s through to the 80’s seem to have a place in a bikers heart. They were little more than an engine with two wheels. You were open to all the elements with little protection, even comfort was excluded. But somehow these bikes seen to have a unique admiration. A lot of the major manufacturers have the same fondness for the classic style, and have resurrected, or re-designed bikes to sit in there range of modern designed, computerised, aerodynamic motorcycles. Here are a few samples.

Norton specialise in classic style bikes, the 961SF is the entry level of the 961’s. It has a 961 cc parallel twin engine and Ohlins suspension and brembo breaks. All the mod-con add up though, as it has the not to classic price of £16’495

Yamaha have brought this bike through the years, all 30 of them. It was a popular bike when it was first out, but fell out of favour with the 90’s motorcyclist as bigger and better bike were available. But, with the introduction of new licence laws, the 400 is becoming popular with the everyday commuter and the SR400 classic looks and cheap price of £5,199 make it hard to turn down.

Moto Guzzi seem to be the specialists in classic styles, no more so than the V7 Special, originally out in the 70’s, Moto Guzzi have redeveloped and redesigned the original to come up with the current V7, the engine is a V-twin 4 Storke 744cc engine, and they have kept the large petrol tank, this one has a 22ltr with 4ltr reserve. This slice of retro comes in at £7,132.

Kawasaki seem to specialise in making bike as futuristic and modern as possible, so it’s a surprise to come across this complete standout in the range. The W800 is newly designed, but has a history dating as far back as 67’. The W800 has a 773cc blacked out engine and the retro looking twin exhaust. £6,649

Triumph have a large range of classic style bikes to choose from, but the scrambler has a bit of 1960’s Hollywood retro to make it stand out from the impressive crowd. The engine is 865cc eight-valve, with lots of low rev torque, making these bike are fun in all kinds of terrain. The bike has not changed much through the years and costs £7,399. Not too bad for a classic Triumph.

Diavel Version 2.0


Ducati have upgraded their flagship bike “Diavel” giving it a new engine, exhaust system, Marzocchi front forks, upgraded Brembo breaks and new ride modes. Ducati have put the new Testastretta 11 engine in the 2014 Diavel putting out 162 hp along with the new forks and brembo’s monobloc callipers, it makes for a much smother ride. The ride modes let you choose between Sport, touring and urban. These can be changed on the go and they alter the power and traction of the bike, they are also fully customisable.

Shark Vantime

Shark helmets have a very interesting range for 2014, especially the Metro division range. This range includes the Shark Raw helmet that I posted back in February.

The Shark Vantime is a full face helmet that has a very unique styling, it has a long visor that it shares with the Shark Nano, a smooth surface, (except the matt version) and a pop down sun visor. What makes it different from other lids on the market is the slightly extended chin guard that the visor goes behind. I noticed this lid at the motorcycle show and was instantly intrigued with it. The helmet looks like what helmets of the future will look like. It’s available in black, grey, white or matt black, but knowing “shark” That colour range will increase.

shark vantime