Rallye Monte-Carlo

Not motorcycle related, but just as good. The Rallye Monte-Carlo Left from Paisley on Thursday 23rd January. Lot’s of classic cars, here are some photos.


Shark Vantime

Shark helmets have a very interesting range for 2014, especially the Metro division range. This range includes the Shark Raw helmet that I posted back in February.

The Shark Vantime is a full face helmet that has a very unique styling, it has a long visor that it shares with the Shark Nano, a smooth surface, (except the matt version) and a pop down sun visor. What makes it different from other lids on the market is the slightly extended chin guard that the visor goes behind. I noticed this lid at the motorcycle show and was instantly intrigued with it. The helmet looks like what helmets of the future will look like. It’s available in black, grey, white or matt black, but knowing “shark” That colour range will increase.

shark vantime


The Future of Safety

As a motorbike rider you are open to the elements, clothing has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Technology and new materials make surviving an accident greater than it was all those years ago. But can wearing all this safety gear ruin the experience of freedom on the road? Motorbike boots, trousers, jacket glovers and helmet are the most basic of kit, would you want to have more things to put on? Your neck is the most vulnerable part of your body in an accident, but most people on the road don’t wear a neck protector.

So is the new developments in air-bag technology on some bike and in jackets really safer if the time comes that you need it? If the airbag is another added item to put on for that small journey most people will chose to “just leave it at home today” but if tech like this is integrated into your next jacket, would you buy it?, and possibly pay that “big bit” extra.

Honda Goldwing have an airbag built into there bike and companies that manufacture clothing are starting to sell the tech in their clothing, but it’s still too expensive, for now.

Winter Essentials

winter essentials

(1) Trickle Charged
Streetwize Swtbc 12v Trickle Battery Charger
£16.99 from Argos 

(2) Heated Grips
Oxford Heated Premium Hot Grips – Adventure
£75.99 from Sportsbikeshop.co.uk

(3) Balaclava
Weise Tex Balaclava Base Layer
£17.00 from amazon.co.uk

(4) Reflective Waistcoat
Tech7 Reflective Waistcoat
£19.99 from mandp.co.uk

(5) Bike Cleaner
Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaner 1 lrt
£7.49 from Halfords

(6) Rain Suit
Hein Gericke Competition One Piece Rain Suit
£47.99 from hein-gericke.co.uk

Bike Bling


If your looking for some extras for your bike, I would always recommend amazon or ebay for the best bargains. But if you have deep pockets, and do not mind spending a bit extra for some serious quality, you should have a look here: http://www.rizoma.com  They cover most new bikes and have a universal section for older bikes. You can download their catalog here.