NEW Yamaha FJR1300


Yamaha have upgraded their flagship sports tourer to make it an even more outstanding way to see the world. It still has the comfort of a sports tourer but is now rocking the looks of a sports bike, including lot’s of extra stuff, like a new 6-speed transmission, assist and slipper clutch, front and rear Led Headlights, Fully adjustable screen, cowl, seat and handlebars, yamaha D-MODE, cruise control, traction control, 25ltr Tank, electronic adjustable suspension, upside-down forks, heated grips and 12v socket, these are just some of the features. The new FJR looks super cool in black, not to sure about the silver version. It also looks nice without the side luggage, which is a good thing, as the entry level model doesn’t come with them.

FJR1300A Entry level £13,299

FJR1300AE adjustable suspension £14,799

FJR1300AS automatic £15,499


Triumph Roadster Options

triumph roadsters

Triumph are a unique motorcycle manufacturer, the British leaders make a full range of beautiful machines that have a cult following. The roadster range are one of the best looking of any manufacturer. They have 3 models to choose from.

(From Left to right)
The entry level Street triple from £7,499. Has 675cc inline 3 cylinder engine, daytona sports chassis.

The Speed 94 MY16 from £8,999. A stripped back version of the Speed triple, with brembo breaks, ohlins suspension and the same great 1050cc Triple engine.

The Speed Triple from £10,200. Has 1050cc Triple engine and brembo breaks, the Speed triple is now 21 years old and is claimed to be the start of the “streetfight” category of bikes.

If you look at the reviews of triumphs, the owners are a loyal bunch, there are always more to them than just a bike, they have bags of character and plenty of passion for the brand.

Like most companies these days they have a massive range of extras for each bike, including clothing.

Don’t get lost

Sat-nav’s are becoming a popular choice for bikers, they are the perfect companion for touring, or if your out and about and in a strange part of the country and your dinner is waiting for you. Just put in “home” and your guided back.

What makes motorcycle sat-navs different from ordinary car ones, i was very doubtful that they were just ordinary car sat-navs with a waterproof coating, but they have lots more features. Two of the higher-end market ones from tom-tom and Garmin. These sat-navs have lifetime maps, traffic and speed cameras, they both come with bluetooth and headset so you can hear instructions to save you looking at the screen. They both have onboard memory plus sd-card and support mp3, to put your favourite tunes into your ears. On the map side they have features that let you pick nearby routes that let you discover new places and round trips that give you alternative ways back. Easy to use with gloves on and see in the glaring sunshine (but waterproof, as you know what the weather can be like) It seems like the perfect motorcycle companion.

But why pay so much for sat-nav? the cheap car ones work just as well when put in a waterproof holder, you seem to be paying for features you don’t really need, and you can select the same routes on the entry level ones. What most will find, getting lost is only part of the adventure, and just buy a map.

(left) Tomtom Rider 400 £400
6hrs battery life with an 11cm screen

(right) Garmin ZumoLM £550
4hrs battery life with a 12.6cm screen

Road map £5
will last till you lose it

Road Denim

In the hotter months, it’s nice to put on a pair of jeans when you decide to head out for a wee run, after all, you might be heading to some social event where you don’t want to be walking around in a pair of motorcycle trousers. The last thing you should do is jump on your bike in your £9 Primark specials, there is no protection regardless how thick you think the denim is. Kevlar lined jeans are what you should be looking for, they range from £60 to £660, and some come with knee and hip protection, the offer the best protection should the unthinkable happen. Here are a range of the cheap variety.


From left to right
RST Vintage Jeans (Kevlar and Knee Armour) £90
Weise Psycho Jeans (Leather and textile mix with knee and hip armour) £100
Draggin Camo Jeans (Kevlar lined) £145
Lindstrands Warp (Kevlar lined with knee and hip armour) £109

Another sunny day in March

How quickly it goes from blowing off “the cobwebs” to “I think my bike could do with a wash”. It was another sunny Mach day, so I took the  a wee run down the coast. Heading for Greenock and sticking to the coast road, it has lovely views of the mouth of the clyde. Ending up in largs where you can get a coffee on the beach and the bike parking is free. After soaking in the views and watching the ferry set sail to Cumbrae, it was time to head back. Here is the map

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 15.39.19

2015 Scottish Motorcycle Show

This years Scottish Motorcycle show was held at the Royal Highland Centre with most of the manufacturers displaying the latest models. Yamaha had the new bikes on display including the new XJR1300 & XJR1300 racer.

also on display was the V-max (celebrating 30 years) and looking mean, the excellent custom styled XV950 R, a special edition MT-09 the new R1-M, and a custom version of the XV950.

A nice collection of old Ducati’s got my camera clicking

Other bikes that stood out were the Honda VFR, Kawasaki Ninja H2 and a Rather nice customised Harley forty eight.

A good bye…

When i passed my motorbike test back in December 2011, I could not wait to buy a bike. I decided to go and view 3 bikes, two of them away out in Falkirk, and one at a dealership in the Southside of Glasgow. My brother and I decided to go to the Glasgow one first as it was on the way. This was the bike that I ended up buying, and i didn’t go and see the other two. A 98″ dark blue Yamaha Diversion XJ600S it had low mileage, good tyres, set of panniers and sounded good when started, also within my price range.


I went lots of places on the bike, lots of short runs round the block and long runs up the north of Scotland, every trip was an adventure, and the bike never missed a beat. I fitted it with heated grips and hand guards, raised the handle bars for a more upright seating position. When it came the time to sell the bike, I was trying to come up with scenarios that would allow me to keep my first bike as well as the new bike i had just bought, but i listened to my head and passed on the keys to someone else to discover and have fun with it. Letting go was hard to do, everyone remembers their first bike. A good bye to a good buy.

Diavel Version 2.0


Ducati have upgraded their flagship bike “Diavel” giving it a new engine, exhaust system, Marzocchi front forks, upgraded Brembo breaks and new ride modes. Ducati have put the new Testastretta 11 engine in the 2014 Diavel putting out 162 hp along with the new forks and brembo’s monobloc callipers, it makes for a much smother ride. The ride modes let you choose between Sport, touring and urban. These can be changed on the go and they alter the power and traction of the bike, they are also fully customisable.