A good bye…

When i passed my motorbike test back in December 2011, I could not wait to buy a bike. I decided to go and view 3 bikes, two of them away out in Falkirk, and one at a dealership in the Southside of Glasgow. My brother and I decided to go to the Glasgow one first as it was on the way. This was the bike that I ended up buying, and i didn’t go and see the other two. A 98″ dark blue Yamaha Diversion XJ600S it had low mileage, good tyres, set of panniers and sounded good when started, also within my price range.


I went lots of places on the bike, lots of short runs round the block and long runs up the north of Scotland, every trip was an adventure, and the bike never missed a beat. I fitted it with heated grips and hand guards, raised the handle bars for a more upright seating position. When it came the time to sell the bike, I was trying to come up with scenarios that would allow me to keep my first bike as well as the new bike i had just bought, but i listened to my head and passed on the keys to someone else to discover and have fun with it. Letting go was hard to do, everyone remembers their first bike. A good bye to a good buy.


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