A Wee Trident Run

A wee late night run to Arrochar, decided to avoid the Loch Lomond route and headed up through Cardross, Helensburgh and Rhu. The road leads up the side of the "infamous" Faslane, where the subs dock with the trident missiles, but you don't see much except lots of fence and barbed wire. Lucky that this... Continue Reading →

Spring watch 10th April

A nice wee day at the end of a week of nice wee days, time to head for the hills. It's a place I tend to go often, regardless of the weather. The rest and be thankful is a carpark situated in the Argyll Forest Park, and in true Scottish style, the tranquility of the... Continue Reading →

A good bye…

When i passed my motorbike test back in December 2011, I could not wait to buy a bike. I decided to go and view 3 bikes, two of them away out in Falkirk, and one at a dealership in the Southside of Glasgow. My brother and I decided to go to the Glasgow one first... Continue Reading →

Super Sunny Saturday Seven am

A sunny Saturday morning, also the 1st of June (So officially Summertime), so another run on the bike. This time I thought i'd go up to "the rest and be thankful". The route I would take, took me up by Loch Lomond and cut across to Garelochhead on the Haul Road (A817). The road takes... Continue Reading →

Arrochar to Dumbarton (A814)

This road is quiet alternative to A82 that runs along the side of Loch Lomond. Arrochar to Dumbarton (25 miles) A814, runs alongside Loch Long then to Garelochhead and down the side of Gare Loch. Then you can take in the sights of Helesbourgh before you reach Dumbarton. If you have traveled the A82, you... Continue Reading →

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