Super Sunny Saturday Seven am

This is the Haul Road
The Haul Road

A sunny Saturday morning, also the 1st of June (So officially Summertime), so another run on the bike. This time I thought i’d go up to “the rest and be thankful”. The route I would take, took me up by Loch Lomond and cut across to Garelochhead on the Haul Road (A817). The road takes you up to Arrochar and from there onto my destination. I arrived at the Rest And Be Thankful at 8:30 am, no, I didn’t hammer it, I just left really early. The light is nice at that time (so is the traffic) but I didn’t take my camera, so I guess I’ll have to go back again, soon. The Haul road was fun, it’s the first time I had been on that road and I’ll probably use it again. On the way back I stuck to the Old Military Road (A83) to Tarbet then down the West side of Loch Lomond (A82), then back over the Ersikne Bridge. Heres the map.


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