Triumph Roadster Options

triumph roadsters

Triumph are a unique motorcycle manufacturer, the British leaders make a full range of beautiful machines that have a cult following. The roadster range are one of the best looking of any manufacturer. They have 3 models to choose from.

(From Left to right)
The entry level Street triple from £7,499. Has 675cc inline 3 cylinder engine, daytona sports chassis.

The Speed 94 MY16 from £8,999. A stripped back version of the Speed triple, with brembo breaks, ohlins suspension and the same great 1050cc Triple engine.

The Speed Triple from £10,200. Has 1050cc Triple engine and brembo breaks, the Speed triple is now 21 years old and is claimed to be the start of the “streetfight” category of bikes.

If you look at the reviews of triumphs, the owners are a loyal bunch, there are always more to them than just a bike, they have bags of character and plenty of passion for the brand.

Like most companies these days they have a massive range of extras for each bike, including clothing.


The Miss Moneypenny of Bikes

The kind folks from Mototainment (New York) have grabbed one of their Triumph Bonneville off the show room floor and set about it with, what looks like, copper.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 07.02.33

Customised by a collaboration between Marcos Martines and Ducati Triumph NYC, the customer wanted a bike that looked unique and they could park outside and still look stunning parked in a living room (well, we all dream of that). All the panels were taken off and replaced with copper and they finished it off with a beautiful custom leather seat. Just add baking soda and lemon juice to your cleaning bag.

Modern Vintage

The old style bikes from the 60’s through to the 80’s seem to have a place in a bikers heart. They were little more than an engine with two wheels. You were open to all the elements with little protection, even comfort was excluded. But somehow these bikes seen to have a unique admiration. A lot of the major manufacturers have the same fondness for the classic style, and have resurrected, or re-designed bikes to sit in there range of modern designed, computerised, aerodynamic motorcycles. Here are a few samples.

Norton specialise in classic style bikes, the 961SF is the entry level of the 961’s. It has a 961 cc parallel twin engine and Ohlins suspension and brembo breaks. All the mod-con add up though, as it has the not to classic price of £16’495

Yamaha have brought this bike through the years, all 30 of them. It was a popular bike when it was first out, but fell out of favour with the 90’s motorcyclist as bigger and better bike were available. But, with the introduction of new licence laws, the 400 is becoming popular with the everyday commuter and the SR400 classic looks and cheap price of £5,199 make it hard to turn down.

Moto Guzzi seem to be the specialists in classic styles, no more so than the V7 Special, originally out in the 70’s, Moto Guzzi have redeveloped and redesigned the original to come up with the current V7, the engine is a V-twin 4 Storke 744cc engine, and they have kept the large petrol tank, this one has a 22ltr with 4ltr reserve. This slice of retro comes in at £7,132.

Kawasaki seem to specialise in making bike as futuristic and modern as possible, so it’s a surprise to come across this complete standout in the range. The W800 is newly designed, but has a history dating as far back as 67’. The W800 has a 773cc blacked out engine and the retro looking twin exhaust. £6,649

Triumph have a large range of classic style bikes to choose from, but the scrambler has a bit of 1960’s Hollywood retro to make it stand out from the impressive crowd. The engine is 865cc eight-valve, with lots of low rev torque, making these bike are fun in all kinds of terrain. The bike has not changed much through the years and costs £7,399. Not too bad for a classic Triumph.

Triumph Rocket 3

triumph rocket 3
The Triumph Rocket 3 turns 10 years old in 2014, and what has this BIG bike brought to the market? Well, it’s a bit confused! The Rocket 3 was originally supposed to conquer the American market, taking on Harley, but failed to do so, over here it was marketed as a muscle bike, competing with the likes of the Yamaha V-max. Triumph then released a touring edition to take on the Harley electra glide and the Honda Goldwing.
It hasn’t set the motorbiking world on fire, but, no other bike has matched that engine size. 2.294cc is massive for two wheels, and unlike some of the bigger engine Harleys that seem to lack in power, the Rocket 3 uses the power. The acceleration has been known to match some super bikes. Triumph has built an iconic bike, but not for it’s market leading sales, more for it’s oversized engine and proper power. Probably best sticking to the muscle market, as thats what it has in abundance.

Motorcycle Live 2013

This was my second trip to the motorcycle show at Birmingham NEC, I had a few bike I was looking at, as I’m considering changing my bike soon. All the manufacturers had the latest bikes on show, some for you to try out and some for you to look at.

At the Honda stand i was looking forward to see the new VFR 800, this was a bike near the top of my shopping list, well, the now “old” model is. The new VFR 800 has reverted back to the looks of pre 2002 models, the exhaust has returned back down to the side of the back tyre, I rather liked the under seat exhaust system the previous model supported. I also got to see the CTX1300 which seems to be the pan european version of the F6B, just as ugly in real life, as it is in images on the net. It reminds me of the Honda DN-01. The VFR 1200 is unchanged, I was also interested in this bike, but sitting on it, i felt it to be quite a sporty seating position, for a sports tourer. They have also produced a new take on the Monkey bike, a half sized mini bike called MSX125, strangely appealing and look great fun, not for the long journeys though.

Yamaha had the MT-09 at centre stage this year, this seems to be like a flagship model for them. and lot’s of manufacturers are releasing this “street” style of bike, so it’s turning into a tough competition. The bike that caught my eye was the custom style XV950 and XV950R. Yamaha have upped the stakes on the custom market, these are some of the best looking custom bikes I have seen coming onto the market.

At the triumph stand, the rocket 3 was hogging the stage, every other bike seems small in comparison when sitting on this bike, and that wasn’t even the touring edition, which seems to be larger. I got a sense of the acceleration this thing can produce and it wasn’t even moving. Also on show were the numerous classic style bikes the Bonneville and Scrambler still have desirable 60’s looks, that outclass many new designs.

Ducati always impress with their unique designs, even if they were to just show up with the classics of yesterday, their stand would still be packed, luckily they had some new monsters on show, the new model has some similarities to the Diavel, which is a good thing as the diavel is a good looking bike, the monster seems to have that same “brute force” look to it. And, just to keep you salivating, they also had a mat black 1199 Panigale, (i’m sure it’s to make it invisible to radar).

Kawasaki have a few upgrades, as I’m almost positive the green paint they use was extra vibrant last year, and this year the volume was all the way up to 20. The ZZR1400 has had a few tweaks, and still looks good with the GREEN Claw marks on the side. Not a lot to report from Kawazaki, there range is impressive but nothing stood out. Suzuki also seemed to suffer from this problem. A new Hayabusa that has not changed much from the previous version except from the colour scheme, which is quite nice. The new V-storm is also a nice looking bike, but all manufacturers these days seem to base the design of adventure bike on the multistrada and R1200.

BMW had a nice display of past bikes, got to see the long way round and long way down bike as well as some classic race models, they had a K1on display, one of the best looking bikes of yester-year. The C1 was there, but not sure of it’s place in motorcycle history. The BMW tourers were impressive, especially with the angel eye headlights, not to mention the comfort, you kind of get an idea where your extra ££££’s go. The R nine T is just as nice in real life as it is in pictures. Plus the new toys you can get for the K1600 are good enough to keep you on your bike even when your parked up in the garage.

Motoguzzi are quite like triumph, in the way that they can bring out bikes that take the style of 1960’s and don’t look out of place in 2014’s market. The standout bike was the V7 Racer, chrome tank and red frame with race style numbers plastered all over it, It was a cafe racers dream bike. The new Californai was also eye catching, but it hasn’t changed much since the last model, sill a head turner though.

Luggage Space

suitcase bike stickers
Not to be confused with the large number of sports tourers out there, these bikes are not just sports bikes with panniers and a top box plopped on it. These bikes are built from the ground up, for touring.  An up-right seating position, big screen, built in panniers and a large, powerful engine are all included, not to mention comfortable for those journeys that swallow up the miles. They have a wide range, with most manufacturers having one or two models to choose from, and they mostly include some nice new toys with the latest models. Here are a small selection of some tourers:


Honda ST1300 Pan European   £14,299

Yamaha FJR1300A   £13,499

Kawazaki 1400GTR   £13,699

BMW K 1600 GT   £15,740

Triumph Trophy   £12,949

The Big Adventure

adventure bikes
Adventure bike are a popular choice for touring and nimble enough to take round the city traffic. They have a high riding position and a comfortable seating position for long runs on the road, and have off-road ability of a scrambler, so no mountain summit is unreachable. They had their moment of fame when they made it round the world, something that would have been more difficult on a gold wing. Adventure bikes come with a extensive list of accessories. Most manufacturers produce adventure bikes, and here is a list of popular ones from a varied price range.

Vintage T-Shirts

vintage style t-shirts
Every biker loves their vintage style T-Shirts
Here is a small selection from the vast amounts out there.
All these T-Shirts are official merchandise.
(Top Row: Left to Right)
(Bottom Row: Left to Right)

Alternative Custom

Alt Custom
If your looking for a custom style bike and want to be different from the offerings of Harley and Victory, other manufactures offer a range of cruisers that come with all the trimmings, chrome, low riding positions, big V-Twin engine and a huge range of accessories. Here is a range of entry-level cruisers from non American manufacturers.
Suzuki Intruder C800, £6,690, 805cc V-Twin
Triumph America, £7,030, 865cc Parallel-Twin
Honda VT750C Shadow, £7,300, 745cc V-Twin
Yamaha XVS950A Midnight Star, £6,995, 942cc V-Twin
Kawazaki VN900 Custom, £7,299, 903cc V-Twin