Tents for your travels

When on your on your travels, it’s nice to book into a b’n’b, and live the life of luxury, but this can be on the expensive side, especially in the height of the summer months. So camping is the other alternative, and choosing the right tent is important. A solo biker would be better with a  two man tent, it will sleep you and still leave space for your motorbike gear, and it’s small enough to fasten onto the back of your bike. Here are a few 2 man tents in a range of prices.

2man tents

1> Coleman weekend 2 person tent £27 (pack size 65cm x 16cm, weight 3.8kg)
2> Wild Country Coshee 2 £100 (pack size 42cm x 14cm, weight 2kg)
3> Jack Wolfskin Eclipse II Tent £140 (pack size 50cm x 19cm, weight 4.2kg)
4> Vango Gamma 200 Tent £60 (pack size 56cm x 17cm, weight 3.9kg)
5> Redverz Series II Expedition Tent €399 (pack down size 53cm x 20cm, weight 6kg)

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