The good, the bad or the ugly

Bike styling has changed over the decades, some manufacturers go to town and create something that other companies copy, but sometimes certain styles don’t catch on. Some of these crazy styled bikes can end up having a small cult following due to their strange looks, but some are just so different they are just plain ugly. For these bikes, you have to wonder what the process is when the image of the bike on paper gets passed for production. Perhaps if you stare at these bike for a (long) while you will see the hidden gem the designer of the bike wanted you to see. Or perhaps you already like the style of these bikes and like to see a bike that looks like nothing you have seen before. As they say, if everyone liked the same style, it would be a boring world we live in.
bmw c1
The BMW C1 is basically a 125cc scooter that was in production  2000 – 02. A roof, windscreen wipers and a seatbelt, BMW pushed the boat out for non-motorbike accessories on a scooter. To be fair to BMW the roof did double for accident protection and the windscreen and roof did keep some of the weather off your clothing, but you paid around £4,000 for this, and not a lot of people were willing to spend this for a scooter.
Ducati make nice bikes, they know a thing or two about making desirable looking machines. A lot of companies copy these styles, but not many copied the multistrada’s looks when it was released in 2003. The bike was amazing in it’s stats and was one of the best adventure style bike you could buy, but what happened to the front? why? how? what were they thinking? well in it’s defence your not looking at the front when your on it, and you can look at the back of it when your not.
honda dn01
No, this image is not stretched out. Some new bike look like they’re going fast even though they’re sitting in the showroom. I think Honda tried to make the DN-01 look like this, but they styled it off of an image of a blurry bike going fast. The stretched look leave you asking, “is it a cruiser?, is it a tourer?, is it a jet ski?”.  Honda brought this out in 2009 and stopped all the questions in 2010. It’s a 680cc and automatic, so maybe it’s a scooter.
agilty saiettar
I thought this was from Tron or some kind transformer, but, no, it’s from a company in London and looks like they developed it in the year 2113 and during testing, it went so fast it traveled back in time. If we took a bike from this year, back 100 years, would they like it? So, are we ready for this styling, or do we need to stare at it for a century before we are accustomed to the looks. It’s also electric, which won’t sit well with most bikers.
Ok, someone just made a trike, backwards. Is this still classed as a motorbike? Can-am make a full range of these, some are even classed as sports bikes, trikes, whatever they are. One thing they have going for them, lot’s of luggage space, and they won’t fall over.

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  1. I was stationed in the UK (at an RAF base) when the C1 was in production! I remember seeing it and always thinking it was so cool because it was so different. I would still love to find a way to sneak/import one into the USA. I also owned a first-gen Multistrada 620! Yeah, it’s not pretty, but one test ride makes it easy to forgive- it was probably the best “every day” motorcycle I’ve ever owned.

    The Can-Am is the only logical way to do a trike, if you think about it. Trikes suck in general, but at least this one lets you lean and shouldn’t risk high siding from the simple act of turning. (Seriously, I HATE trikes. Just drive a damn convertible.)

    And you forgot the Magpul Ronin!

    1. I also like the multistrada and I’m aware that it’s a good bike, plus if your on it, your not looking at it. I think it was more “different” than ugly. The new multistrada is also nice but very expensive. I’ll check out the Magpul Ronin. Thanks for the comment, I hope you enjoyed my other articles.

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