The North Way Round Part Two

TNWR Day 2

Day two started with me waking up to the sound of heavy rain hitting off the caravan roof, not the best sound to wake up to when you have a day of motorbiking ahead of you. A quick look at the weather report suggested that we change the trip from the North East to the North West, as the rain seemed to be hanging around the North East for the day. So we set out to head for Durness, passing Bonar Bridge and up to Lairg, only having a slight drizzle to deal with. Passing Loch Naver and Loch Loyal on our way to Tongue, the heavens opened up, and it was that “fine” rain that soaks everything, by the time we stopped at Tongue, a decision was made to have a hot lunch in the Tongue hotel and hopefully dry off slightly before we hit the road again.

Fed and watered, we got back on the bikes and headed to Durness. A few minutes on the road and we stopped on the road at Kyle of Tongue. The weather seemed to have took pity on us as it had stopped raining.

Further along the road we stopped at a nice beach, and Smoo Caves.

After passing through Durness, we headed south and stopped for a coffee in some scenic locations.

The day was getting on, so we headed south, down the side of Loch Shin, on to Lairg, then back to the caravan, for some more coffee and to dry out some clothing for tomorrows adventure.  Heres the map.




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