Euro Supersport

When I got into biking, it was for the adventure, touring, cruising and getting to see the world from the freedom a bike gives you. Some people get into biking to go fast, get low on corners and push the bikes to the limit. Here are three european white knuckle rides that thrill seekers can push to the limit, if they dare. These bike have mind-blowing stats and are rated amongst the fastest production bikes in the world, they also have the ability, “if you get caught”, to make your licence disappear as quick as their “zero to sixty”.

mvagusta final
Engine: 998cc producing 143.5hp, Top Speed: 184.9mph, Cost: £18,499
Engine: 1198cc producing 195hp, Top Speed: 186mph, Cost: £19,750
Engine: 999cc producing 193hp, Top Speed: 190mph, Cost: £13,655

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