Yamaha MT-09


Yamaha made a big announcement about a new bike that would be a new concept in sports bike design. As the biker world looked on to see what Yamaha were going to show us, we were reminded of some of Yamaha’s other revolutionary bike releases. The R1, V-max and eh! hmmmm! I’m sure there is more. So, expecting to see something that would be consider revolutionary , we were treated to …the MT-09… Is that it?

The first thing I done, was go to the yamaha bike page and compared it to the current line up, yip, it looks the same as most of the range. It could have been a new addition to the XJ or FZ series. It comes with a new high-torque 3-cylinder engine, 3-cylinder, thats what triumph have been using for years, hardly revolutionary. The engine is a 850cc that produces 115hp. Yamaha made this bike light and gave it a lot of torque that promises fun with a twist of the throttle.

I don’t think anything on this bike is going to set the biking world into meltdown. It’s aimed at the European market and has a competitive price of £6,799. It goes up against bikes like the Honda CB1000R £9,499,the Kawazaki Z1000 £9,099the Suzuki GSR750 £6,999 and not forgetting the Ducati Hypermotard £9,950

All the above bikes promise, lot’s of power, mountains of torque, all put into a naked style street bike, yamaha, might be a little bit late to the party they thought they were hosting.

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